Dear Aradon Residents:
All street sign renovations will begin soon. New paint and lettering will be done to clean them up.  Let's continue to enhance the neighborhood and make it more beautiful.  Below are a few housekeeping items to discuss. Please review the Protective Covenants if necessary.  A copy has been posted on this website.

*  Yard maintenance and care: This should be handled on a regular basis for home owners as well as lot owners. Grass areas should be treated for weeds, and sodded, if necessary. Natural areas should be weeded or sodded, or maintained as natural areas. Maintenance enhances the visual quality, as well as the value of our homes. (Covenant 2. A., and 2. R.)
Speeding in neighborhood: There is a 20 mph speed limit throughout the neighborhood. We have received reports from pedestrians walking with children and other residents, that the 20 mph limit is not adhered to. The  20 mph sign for the neighborhood is posted  at the entrance of the subdivision.
Trailers  and equipment:  Must be stored behind the front line of the residence. (Covenant 2. O.)
* Garbage cans: Should be moved out of sight once the pickup has occurred. They should not be left up on the road.
Nuisances and trade noise:  No trade or noxious or loud activity shall be carried on any lot that becomes a nuisance or annoyance to the neighborhood. (Covenant 2. C.)
The entire and sole reason for Protective Covenants and their enforcement is to maintain the beauty and integrity of the subdivision as it was designed by the developer. (Covenant 2.Y.) The covenants were in place when each of us purchased our homes and therefore, none of the above information is new. Covenants are intended to protect homeowners, lot owners and the Board of Directors is expected to enforce the covenants. They are not onerous and are in fact not as strict as in many other subdivisions.
Thank you all for doing your part observing and protecting the covenants.
Aradon Farms



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